Horizon Foundation 

Through the Horizon Foundation 2021 Mental Health Community Engagement Project, the MRHS PTSA has been working to bring mental health awareness to the forefront.

Mental Health Awareness

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We are proud that our PTSA has won a grant from the Horizon Foundation for its 2021 Mental Health Community Engagement Initiative. The Foundation is committed to supporting organizational partners to help increase Howard County parents' and students' awareness of the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression. The purpose of the grant is to help encourage and normalize help-seeking behavior related to mental health, address social and cultural stigmas that could prevent people from getting the help they need, and further help parents learn about and take advantage of school-based mental health services in schools where they exist.

Under the Horizon Foundation grant, the MRHS PTSA has been working on a number of projects to bring mental health awareness to the forefront. Last spring, we organized a monthly "Mindfulness in Motion" yoga series for the MRHS community. 


This Fall

This fall, in partnership with other MRHS student organizations that focus on addressing mental health issues, we aim to improve awareness and access to mental health resources.


Starting in the fall, we also plan to launch a website in coordination with YogaMedCo and Global College Search Associates that will have training modules to help students deal with the stress and anxiety of the college search and application process. We hope these modules will also enable students to become trainers of these techniques and grow their use among the student body for other situations that may be stress and anxiety producing.


Look for details here and in the PTSA newsletter.